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EPISODE 9 - MIND SIFTER As a bit of an homage to that old Star Trek: The New Voyages book, we are releasing “Mind-Sifter” under our Star Trek: New Voyages moniker, rather than our Star Trek: Phase II moniker. Further, for a variety of reasons, this episode plays better as an episode that takes place during the The Original Series (TOS) era–back during the first three years of Captain Kirk’s five-year mission, rather than during the two later years of his mission. So look for this episode to resemble TOS more closely than our our other recent episodes have. s a special treat, two slightly different versions of “Mind-Sifter” are being released (differing only in their visual effects–VFX). One version will have visual effects (ship fly-bys and such) as realized by our VFX partner Mr. Tobias Richter and The Light Works, in Germany. These effects are modern-day style VFX–something akin to the VFX in the recent “remastered” TOS episodes. The other version of “Mind-Sifter” cotains VFX as realized by our VFX parter Mr. Daren R. Dochterman in Los Angeles. Mr. Dochterman’s effects have a definite 1960s quality to them, and hew more closely to the original TOS effects style. In this way, “Mind-Sifter” will be soemthing like theTOS Blu-Ray releases–which enable viewers to view either modern effects, or more ’60s style effects. Presenting two slightly different versions of an episode like this hasn’t been done since our “To Serve All My Days” and “To Serve All My Days: a Night in 1969″ episodes. It will be interesting to see which version seems to get the most traction with viewers. In truth , they are both wonderful. or

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