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Episode: 07. Title: "The Child" Length: 0:52:46 Release date: April 5, 2012 at 17:01 EDT. Stardate: 9717.7 Writers: Jaron Summers and Jon Povill. Director: Jon Povill. Special Effects: Tobias Richter and Pony Horten. English subs: Peter Walker and Peter Goundrill. Plot: While the Enterprise passes through a strange energy cloud, a mysterious light force enters the ship and impregnates Ensign Isel who, within days, gives birth to a baby girl, Irska. The child grows up at a tremendous rate and while she appears to be human, it is feared she could endanger the ship after a strange alien spacecraft appears and puts everyone in jeopardy. The Phase II team has struck up quite a relationship with Jon Povill, the writer of "The Child." Jon was never really happy with how his story got revised and realized on TNG. So this is an opportunity to get the story made the way Jon originally wanted it--and he's even directing it. So, in this case, it's not that we'll get James and Company's unique spin; it's that we'll get the unique spin that Jon Povill the writer had intended in the first place. So how will the story be different? What is it that Jon wanted to say that didn't get said back in TNG? Now you can finally watch it and see.... Tobias Richter, who is well known in Germany for his excellent Star Trek CGI work (FedCon, etc), provided most of the special effects for the Phase II episode: "The Child". We are proud to have Tobias join our team and look forward to seeing some fantastic special effects created for "The Child" - the first German-American co-production for Phase II. Tobias Richter runs the company: "The Light Works" in Cologne, Germany.

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