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EPISODE 6 - ENEMY: STARFLEET Attacked while exploring a new sector of space, Captain James T. Kirk and his crew find themselves thrust in the middle of a war. The USS Eagle, lost eight years before, is now in the clutches of a woman who bends starships and their captains to her will and has been reverse engineered into a fleet that is bent on domination and genocide. The Enterprise may be the only ship able to stop the Peshan homeworld from falling to Alersa and her enemy starfleet. Guest starring BarBara Luna and Paul R. Sieber, Enemy: Starfleet was written by prolific Trek novelist Dave Galanter and award-winning fanfiction author Patty Wright. Principal photography took place in June 2008, with location filming in the fall of 2009. Directed by Ben Tolpin and Vic Mignogna, the episode introduces Brandon Stacy as "Spock" and Jonathan Zungre as "Chekov". For more information, see or

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